Over the ages there have been many ways for human kind to contact our Higher Self. Anything from eating "special" mushrooms, meditating, sweat lodges, vision quests, prayer, and so on. The list seems endless. All these methods are meant to contact that part of us that is more than our physical/mental self. A well-documented method of contacting our Higher Self is through Hypnosis. Authors Michael Newton and Delores Cannon detail client's experiences with hypnosis and Higher Self exploration.

Article by Gary Kaminski
Higher Self may mean different things to different people. It might also be called intuition, an inner voice or wisdom, our soul or oversoul. Generally, the information available from our Higher Self is not always readily accessible to our conscious, reasoning mind. We may get glimmers of inspiration or guidance in our day-to-day activity that "leak in" from our Higher Self, but often we want more. We want a direct, open channel to this source of knowledge. That is where hypnosis can help.

A common question humans seems to ask is: "Why am I here? What is my life purpose?" This is a great question directed at the part of us that is more than physical flesh and mind: the part of us that is energy, light and consciousness. If your belief system does not encompass such a thing as a soul or Higher Self, you can still benefit from contacting this "part of the mind" that taps into an inner wisdom. Hypnosis can still be of value to access that same kind of information.

For purposes of this article, it is assumed the reader accepts that we are all beings of light, energy and consciousness having a human experience. This stance is significantly different than believing we are human beings who "have" a soul.

Methods such as meditating, deep introspection or prayer are among the ways you might get an answer to the question of why you are here. But many people find these methods difficult or tedious. Or, they just don't work. As the title of this article implies, hypnosis can be used as a shortcut to gain access to this deeper part of ourselves.

This is where reading the books by Michael Newton and Delores Cannon can greatly stretch your beliefs of what kind of information you can access through the unconscious, or subconscious mind through hypnosis. Once the conscious mind is quieted, a hypnotist can help guide a person to access the information they are seeking.

A caveat here is that sometimes our Higher Self may not want our conscious mind to know certain things. Take a hypothetical case. A Being of Light has chosen to incarnate as a human male on this earth plane. The person is born into a family of rigid religious beliefs in a land that does not accept these beliefs. The Being of Light chose this existence to experience persecution and segregation. Our human mind might question why would a Being choose such a life? But from a soul-perspective, it is a valid learning experience; no different than us signing up for a college course in foreign studies. What better way to learn about a foreign culture than to immerse ourselves in it.

In summary, this hypothetical story is meant to help you realize that your Higher Self may not allow all information to come through. Along a similar line, if your hypnotherapist's belief system and life experience might be compromised by information that might come through the client's subconscious, that information flow might also be "restricted" from the Other Side. This is one reason why one hypnotherapist might have "success" with a client's quest for inner knowledge, yet another one will not.

Hypnosis has been demonstrated to help people with many issues from weight loss to smoking cessation. But it can also be used as a spiritual tool in the hands of a trained hypnotherapist whose belief system is broad enough to encompass any information that might come from your Higher Self.