"Mr. Gary has a special gift. I was able to discuss with him about the issues I needed closure to, and that too within minutes of meeting him and without any fear of being judged. His voice is calming and he is very good in helping you through the hypnosis session. He was kind and provided powerful and positive auto suggestions to help me achieve my goals. I found my experience extremely rewarding and came away feeling very positive about the whole thing."
- DR, St. Louis, MO (QHHT session)

"Gary has a deep and expansive understanding of the subtle realms of consciousness. He facilitated my Quantum Healing session in a graceful and delicate way, gently guiding me and allowing me to determine my own experience. To those committed to looking deeply within life's great mysteries, I recommend Gary as a powerful guide on this journey."
- Tristan, Ashland, OR (QHHT session)

"It was a great session and I am grateful to my Reiki Guides to have found a wonderful and powerful healer / hypnotherapist. I have enjoyed the benefits of your talents."
- Ali, Beaverton, OR (Hypnosis session)

"Gary's calm demeanor, presence and compassion for the individual puts you at ease. He is very clear as to what you might expect from the experience, and helps point you in the direction of healing while respecting your own learning patterns and world views. There was no hidden agenda guiding the session- everything expressed itself naturally."
- Sam, Portland, OR (QHHT session)