Relieve Fears You can overcome unreasonable fears with hypnosis. Many people experience a simple fear at some time in their lives such as fear of heights, flying, spiders, elevators, or dentists. Fear is a valuable tool to keep us safe, such as not letting us get too close to a cliff's edge or keeping us away from dangerous animals like poisonous snakes.

But sometimes the fear is unreasonable or overbearing, not allowing us to live our life to the fullest. The list of unreasonable fears is endless.Hypnosis teaches the mind a different way of responding to the feared object or situation. Hypnosis for lessening fears works by detaching the stimulus (trigger object) from the emotional response (fear) and redirecting the brain with a new, more realistic response.

Often times regression hypnosis can be used to find the source of the unreasonable fear. Once the memory is found, it can be reframed so that the associated emotion from that original event can loosen the power it is having over you.