UFO and Alien Contact Before you consider using hypnosis for exploration of possible repressed memories around ET (extraterrestrial) experiences, I ask that you first consider what you might do if you uncover something that you are not emotionally able to handle. You might think about having a support structure in place, either through a counselor that is familiar with the subject, or having family or friends available to support you without judgement.

I have spent many years researching the UFO phenomenon, I helped facilitate a UFO Encounters support group for 8 years, and have a close personal relationship with an abductee.

I want to emphasize that I am here for you, not to prove to me or others that the phenomenon is real. There is a large body of material in videos and books that do a good job of that already.

My goal is to help you recover experiences that you are ready to remember. I will not push anyone where they are not ready to go.